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Ayurvedic Treatments at Emarald Ayurvedic Resort


Emarald Ayurvedic Resort provide the best therapies based on Ayurveda to recharge
yur mind and body amidst tantalizing breeze of herbal plants

Ayurveda Treatments

Best Ayurvedic Treatment and Ayurvedic Massages in Kerala

PULAMANTHOLE "The land Of Ayurveda" is a piece of land located between Pattambi and Perintalmanna in North Kerala where the Tradition and culture meets.. This is the only place in Kerala where you can see a "Sri Rudra Dhanwanthari temple" which is associated with Ayurveda. The Pulamanthol Moose "The Ashtavaidya of Traditional Ayurveda is from this divine land. A visit to the Illam of Moose will give you glimpses of traditional Ayurveda in its prime. The legend says one of the gurus of Ayurveda "Vagbadan" has spent his last days here under the Century old Tree and the traditional lamp, which is lighted every day in the premise of Moose, is a mark of respect towards the great guru.

Emarald Ayurvedic Resort offers you the ultimate experience of recharging your mind and body through Ayurveda. Ayurveidc treatments are available for various treatments at this Healtrh resort amidst pure air, crystal clear water, Greenery, the calm flow of the water of river (Kuntipuzha) originating from silent Valley national park and which make your stay comfortable and refreshing. Silent valley national park is located in the Nilgiri Hills (Palakkad District). The park is one of the last undisturbed tracts of South Western Ghats rain forests and tropical moist evergreen forest in India.

Emarald Ayurvedic Resort located in the Western Ghats in the heart of Malabar, situated in Pulamanthole junction, a 1 hour pleasant drive from Calicut airport.


Ayurveda, the health care system indigenous to India, has an impressive evolutionary history that spans a period of many thousands of years. With the advent of biomedicine, Ayurveda was relegated to the background and there was a time when it looked as though the final word had been said about it. Recently, Ayurveda is getting worldwide attention albeit the nature of the role it can play in contemporary health care scenario is not well defined.

Many still feel that Ayurveda should rest in the annals of history or contend that Ayurveda is a living museum and a promising field for anthropological inquiry. For ethnopharmacologists, Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia is a rich source of information that can facilitate drug development from natural sources. There are people for whom Ayurveda can function in the area of Primary Health Care or as a Medical specialty or even as an independent medical system. For many thinkers, Ayurveda is part of an outdated world view common to cultures of the European and Mid-East Arabian antiquity, but which is still alive in Asian cultures that was exposed to modern science only recently.

There is a viewpoint that progressive research in world health care must include a consideration to early medico-philosophical ideas. Indeed, ancient Ayurvedic thinking might as well provide metaphors that encapsulate templates to organize information on knowledge of life, health and disease from varied sources. However, the fact that Ayurveda still caters to basic health care needs of a significant number of people, especially in areas where modern medicine failed to offer solutions, seems to be the major impetus behind its resurgence in our times.


At Emarald Ayurvedic Resort, ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic massages for various ailments and rejuvenation therapies are offered with the help of the ayurvedic specialist, who is into the field of ayurveda for more than sixty years.

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